How Much?

There are a number of options and variables in providing a price. But here are the basics:

1. VPS

Every ACT for Web customer has their own private piece of the cloud. This is called a “Virtual Private Server” or VPS. The VPS is where your ACT database resides and you can access it from either a web browser or by Remote Desktop. The VPS price starts at £69 / month and will easily accommodate a database with up to 10 users. One remote desktop (non-Admin) is included in this price, as is a daily backup routine for the entire server with the last 10 days of backups being stored at a separate geographical location.

2. ACT Software 

You can either purchase ACT licences (or you may already have them) and we can host these on the VPS for you. Alternatively, you can have the latest (and always updated) version of ACT Premium for £20 / month / user. If you also want to synchronise from the cloud VPS to your local computer, laptop or server, then that’s also possible for an additional £12.50 / month / user.

  • A five user system works out at £169.00 / month (£33.80 / user)
  • A 10 user system works out at £269.00 / month (£26.90 / user)
  • The more users you have, the cheaper – per user – the system becomes. 

3. Other Stuff

If you need more disk space, managed SSL domain, additional Remote Desktop sessions etc. ACT add-ons installed – all of these can be added to your VPS at additional cost.

There is a £100.00 set-up fee which cover the creation, installation of ACT software and hosting set-up of your server.

  • Remote Desktop Access – additional £5.00 user / month (1 included with every VPS)
  • For databases of 10Gb  or larger (highly unlikely) – additional £14.50 / month
  • Additional server memory, disk space and core processors as required, at additional cost.

You can also add Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office and many other software programs into your contract and monthly payment.

As you give more users access to the database on your ACT! for Web system you’ll need to increase the size of the cloud server.  We have taken the server configuration recommended by Sage as our starting point. The size / speed can be increased if required, at a small additional charge. For more information about server hosting upgrades visit the JPCi Hosting website or get in touch.

If you want an exact price, or a quote for a different configuration – just give us a call on 0845 862 0164 or drop us an email: