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Ways to Work Remotely with ACT!

I’ve just found an excellent summary of the options for getting access to your ACT data whilst away from the office in the blog of fellow ACT Consultant Kristi Smith. Kristi works out of Illinois in the USA and has an excellent website which is loaded with useful hints, tips and information for ACT users. The text of her blog is repeated below and you can visit her site here.

1. Remote databases 
Use your ACT! database from anywhere, even when you have no internet connection (in your car, on a plane, on a train, underwater, etc). A copy of the entire database, or just your territory, can be set up on  your laptop for anywhere access. The laptop will then synchronize changes with your main database when you return to the office, or via internet connection.

2. Smartphone Sync
Clients who are looking for an easy way to have ACT! on their favorite mobile device may be interested in setting up subscription based smartphone sync.  This option allows you to select a limited number of contacts and contact fields to sync over to your phone along with your ACT! calendar.  This option gives you true freedom from your computer by giving you the ability to access your most valuable ACT! info through your phone.

3. ACT! for Web
ACT! for web is an option that allows you to get to ACT! from an internet browser.  All you need to do is install ACT! Premium for Web locally on one computer and configure it to be accessed via browser.  ACT! for web users enjoy being able to access their ACT! data from PCs and Macs everywhere.

4. ACT! for Web—in the cloud
This option has become popular with many of our clients.  Utilizing a remote server, you can host your ACT! database from the cloud.  With no installation necessary, you can use your ACT! for Web database from a browser on any computer.  This saves you space on your computer and gives you plenty of flexibility when accessing your data.

5. Local ACT! installation—in the cloud
This option is generally used when a client is interested in using several applications but doesn’t want any of those applications to live on their computer.  Server space can be rented where you can install your programs and access them via a remote desktop connection.  This option works really well for remote teams looking to share real time data.

6. Sage ACT! Connect
Users of subscription based Sage ACT! Connect can access their ACT! data from almost anywhere.  Like ACT! for web, Sage ACT! Connect has a web portal where you can log in and access database content through a browser.  You can also configure Sage ACT! Connect so that your data syncs with most mobile devices– meaning you can have your contacts and activities in the palm of your hand.

Thanks Kristi!